Sunday, August 12, 2007


I know the Mama's and Papa's sang about Monday Monday but this is my blog and I SAY that for today the song will be called....Sunday Sunday. So there, hrumph. Want to argue?? Didn't think so. Who's grumpy??? NOT ME!
I am so ready to get the word on what's going to happen with my neck/back. It appears 99% certain that I will be having surgery. A good friend of mine who is a retired physician reviewed my MRI report and strongly recommended (insisted?) that I go with a neurosurgeon. My Dr. had given me the choice of ortho or neuro and I said I didn't have a preference but would go with his recommendation. WRONG! Loren says I am going neuro so neuro it will be. I left a message with my local Dr.'s nurse so I assume she will cancel my ortho appointment tomorrow and get me in with the neurosurgeon.I am still holding onto that thin ray of hope that I can avoid surgery. HEY...I can DREAM!!! The pain has not returned but I do still have numbness and tingling from fingertip to shoulder on my L arm. When I mentioned that to Loren he didn't come right out and call me a dumb ass but it was implied in his tone. He said something along the lines of, "Well, yes the pain is gone BECAUSE THE MASS IS PRESSING ON THE NERVES AND KILLING THEM!" Said it kinda snotty too. OK my friend...I got the message and thank you again for looking out for your old KHS pal.


sammyosammy said...

Your new blogspot theme is so pretty. I have been stealing your story about the birds using potholders. LOL