Friday, August 31, 2007

I am out of "oompf".

Not forever, just for today. Lou and Karl left to go to Urbana to be with their sister Chris while her husband Joe was having surgery this afternoon. I hated to see them go not because the apartment wasn't finished but because it was so LONELY working there all by myself! No Aunt June, no Lou and Karl, no Bob, no Anny and Larry...way too quiet. I could have had it finished if I had stayed another hour but I was DONE. I came back to Anny's, unloaded the boxes for the garage sale (Debi you didn't read that) and took a 3 hr nap. Anny went to a jewelry party this evening and I had intended to go with her but I still had "bedspread print" on my face when she was ready to leave. I fixed Larry and I a grilled ham and cheese sandwich and we pronounced it...dinner. Good thing Larry's low maintenance. Ok, the Colts are getting ready to play and since I am in is mandatory to watch the game. Later gator!