Thursday, August 2, 2007

A day at the beach

Polly, Eddie and the kids spent the morning at the beach while I finished a few projects at work. After lunch we met at Tanger Mall to check out the outlet shopping and everybody got a start on their school clothes. I found a store that is perfect for all the girls in our family...Justice. They cater to the "tweens" and have the styles that are hard to find when you aren't a teenager yet but not a little girl. I will have to keep that store in mind when it's time to send a "LOVE FROM GRANDMA" package. Tory wears NOTHING feminine or pastel, Katy likes comfy and soft...then we have Sarah and Avery. Sarah likes hats, ruffles, ribbons, shoes, jewelry...anything shiny. Avery is very opinionated about her wardrobe and I very seldom choose something for her unless she is with me to vote yea or nay. Avery has also been known to vote nay in the car on the way home after she has given you a resounding yea in the store. Then there are Cameron and Matthew. Don't care about anything else that goes on their bodies but Spiderman underwear is a current favorite. We had dinner at Bonefish Grill on the way home from the mall. Polly almost broke her tooth in half when she bit into an olive that still had the pit. She had very carefully eaten the first two olives that had no pits and unfortunately when she chomped down on the third one, there it was...big as life. We had appetizers, salads and a cup of soup and had more than enough to share. The kids had the best macaroni and cheese I have ever eaten. I'm not a big mac & cheese fan but oh my...this was delicious. Eddie had Bang Bang Shrimp, Pol had a bowl of soup and I had the Calamari. We had those plates flying around the table like a Ringling Brothers Circus act. Lib, Merideth, Landon and Tyler stopped over to visit for awhile just before the kids went to bed. We had a very nice visit and Landon is a little doll. So happy and smiles all the time. He's almost 6 months old and wanted to catch Morty & Ginglebelle so badly but just wasn't quite fast enough. The kids were so tired it took a bit longer than usual for them to settle in and fall asleep. Just as Avery was falling asleep Morty jumped up on her bed, curled up beside her and she thought that was just the BEST. Everyone is heading home tomorrow and I'm not ready to see them go. We have had a wonderful visit...just way too short.