Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Bet you thought I was dead...didn't ya?

Well...I'm not! I retired from event planning after 12 years of last minute room sets, wanting to smack more than a few mothers of the bride for insisting their daughters forget the wedding of their dreams and instead have the wedding Mom wanted in 1982 along with 1982 pricing. Also thought about pinching the heads off of a few meeting coordinators with a beer budget but insisting on a champagne event. Why yes, it was time for me to retire...why do you ask? I also need to mention all the lifelong friends I made during those 12 years and there are many more of those than there are of the clients who made me want to poke myself in the eye with a stick.

Grandchildren are growing up much too fast. Tory our oldest has finished college and married to a wonderful man, Katy is a Junior and Sarah is a Sophomore at Liberty University, Avery is a Junior at Providence High School, Matt is a Freshman at Liberty Christian Academy and Cam is a Freshman at Providence High School. The boys are 14, well over 6 ft and grunt in response to questions.

When I retired I thought I would have trouble filling the day. HA! I don't know if I'm just that much slower as I am getting older but the days fly by and I never run out of things that need to be done. I'm sure my book reading, movie watching and occasional nap isn't cutting into my chore schedule. Hmmm, think I might have found the problem with my days rushing by.

Brace yourselves, I'm back to blogging.  :-)  I have missed all of you...hope you have missed me.