Saturday, February 14, 2009

One box, one cat and thousands of styrofoam pellets.

Polly makes the best homemade jelly and I put it on everything but prime rib and collards. My friend Debi says her husband Sid has two kinds of jelly. The "everyday" jelly from the grocery store and Polly's raspberry jelly which is only used on weekends or special occasions. Have you figured out we like Polly's homemade jelly? We have been out for quite some time and FINALLY...a new box of jelly arrived on Friday. After making sure each jar was intact I set the box filled with styrofoam pellets on the floor and went out to dinner with friends. We had a great time, lots of laughs happy hour prices were still on which means dirty martini's were only $2.50 so you know we had a very good time. I came back home about 8 PM and thought it was odd that Morty didn't greet me at the front door. The only time Ginglebelle greets me at the door is if my hands are full and she thinks she has a chance of sneaking out between my feet. I called his name and no Morty. Filled his food dish and still no Morty. Just as I got out of the shower something with a tail and four legs came slinking into the bedroom. Well, apparently while I was out Morty found the box of styrofoam pellets and turned it into his personal playground. I also discovered Morty has static cling issues. The only visible fur on poor Morty was the tip of his tail...everything else was pink styrofoam pellets. Never a dull moment and yes, the pellets have been recycled. Sorry Morty.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Poor Deprived Grandchild

It's a well known fact that I am not a shopper. Don't get me all know I LOVE the As Seen On TV products and Amazon has been known to call and see if I'm OK if I'm not on their site at least once a day but go to the mall and spend the afternoon shopping? No way, I would rather poke myself in the eye with a fork. Apparently my aversion to mall shopping gene has been passed to my oldest child. Polly needed to pick up a few things for a trip they have coming up so she and 5 yr old Matthew made the dreaded trip to their local mall. They walked in, Matthew looked around and said, "MAMA! Why haven't we been here before??" My family is so cosmopolitan.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I love commercials and advertisements. There is a radio commercial about cremation running in my area that makes me chuckle every time it plays. Oh you already know I'm not quite right so you can't be too surprised I think a commercial about cremation is funny. The spokesman has a deep calm voice and after he has spent 45 seconds talking about tradition, funerals, cremation and family he ends the commercial with...choose cremation when the time is right. Well DUH...if the time was wrong wouldn't the person still be alive and I am guessing pretty ticked off.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Uterus...or a gumball machine??

I don't know about you but I have to question the ethics of a Doctor who is willing to implant eight embryos into an unmarried, unemployed mother of six children all under the age of seven. Part of me wants to say it's her body, her business and her choice. Then reality sets in and I have to wonder who is financing this circus act and unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I already know who is paying the bill. I also worry about what kind of life is in store for those fourteen children. Thinking back to the days when we had three children under the age of five, it was no walk in the park even with two parents. Dave and I made a pact that whoever asked for a divorce had to take the kids so of course that ensured we would be together for at least 20 years and at the end of twenty years we were too tired to get a divorce. Our children weren't bad or mean but oh my lawz a mercy they were busy and worked as a team. Eddie was the youngest which explains why she was the one who was dropped down the laundry chute. Polly and Bud were very thoughtful and not only did they pile dirty clothes (never in short supply) under the chute but they did a test run on the dog first. Now that is love. Back to the eight embryos, I guess my opinion is just because you can doesn't mean you should.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday!

I love the parties, love the team rivalry, love the menu but watch the game??? Never in a million years. Oh I usually try to catch the last 15 minutes but even that doesn't happen every year and guess what...ESPN will show me every thing that actually happened, should have happened and what will never happen again. I do enjoy the commercials but thanks to the internet I can still see them and not have to suffer through 17 hrs (seems like) of sweaty overweight men in tight pants. Heck, I can go to Wal-Marts and see that any day of the week. Even the half time entertainment will be featured for weeks and I don't know about you but I have seen about all I care to see of Janet Jackson's boob AND her boob ornament. Until the "malfunction" I didn't even know you could buy ornaments for boobs and if I had been forced to guess I would have said some kind of little fur hat certainly not a cold piece of metal. The only reason I can possibly think of to watch the game this year is to see how the heck a baseball team made it to the Super Bowl.