Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday!

I love the parties, love the team rivalry, love the menu but watch the game??? Never in a million years. Oh I usually try to catch the last 15 minutes but even that doesn't happen every year and guess what...ESPN will show me every thing that actually happened, should have happened and what will never happen again. I do enjoy the commercials but thanks to the internet I can still see them and not have to suffer through 17 hrs (seems like) of sweaty overweight men in tight pants. Heck, I can go to Wal-Marts and see that any day of the week. Even the half time entertainment will be featured for weeks and I don't know about you but I have seen about all I care to see of Janet Jackson's boob AND her boob ornament. Until the "malfunction" I didn't even know you could buy ornaments for boobs and if I had been forced to guess I would have said some kind of little fur hat certainly not a cold piece of metal. The only reason I can possibly think of to watch the game this year is to see how the heck a baseball team made it to the Super Bowl.


ga.farmwoman said...

I just told my husband(who has never ever seen a football game) that we should have at least gotten some game snacks. We could have sat by the water wheel and ate them, at
I didn't know about those ornaments either. I think I will just leave those off. FarmMan might not understand about them either. Now, saws, drills, hammers, he understands.
Have a great day.

Caution Flag said...

We went to a party and I didn't know anyone except the hosts and one other family. The family I knew watched the game, so I had to watch the game. It was okay, though, because I won some stuff for guessing some numbers. And then there was BRUCE! I still love him.