Monday, August 13, 2007

Good News! Nooooo, GREAT NEWS!

I met with both surgeons and they concur with no surgery at this point. The main problem is arthritis of the spine and surgery is not the answer. Now the bad news, there is no answer. I am to keep taking Advil Liquid Gels and if the pain returns and cannot be controlled by prescription medication then the possibility of surgery will be revisited. Hopefully, no more Dr's visits for awhile. Enough of that topic..done, finished, move on. Yea!
SC Motor Coach Association is meeting in Myrtle Beach this week and we hosted them for lunch today. We fed all 200 of them and it was nice to see some old friends. Trade shows are just not my thing anymore. I used to do them all the time but all the setting up, tearing down and standing on concrete for hours has lost it's thrill. Plus you have to be flippin' charming for HOURS! Fortunately I very seldom have to do them any more except for an occasional local show and I whine the entire time just in case anyone thinks I MIGHT be having fun.
The vet's office called this afternoon to remind me that Morty has an appointment tomorrow morning. Polly hopes the vet removes about 90% of his attitude when they remove his hoohaws. We all think Morty has short man syndrome and if he was a person he would have a mustache, lots of gold chains, shirt open to the waist and drive a red corvette. Poor Morty, his previous visits to the vet's office involved being passed around like a play thing while everybody tells him how cute he is and gives him treats. Ummm, tomorrows visit will be a little different and I am pretty sure he will not be a happy kitty when I pick him up tomorrow evening. We love you Morty and if it makes you feel better we will ask Dr. Doti to save your hoohaws and you can hang them from the rearview mirror in the corvette.