Thursday, August 9, 2007


Morgan and Jamie arrived safely and I'm sure they think I live approximately four blocks from hell as it is HOT! I heard on the radio this afternoon that the heat index was 118, definitely hot.
I took them to dinner at Umi Pacific last night and we had a wonderful meal. I love the atmosphere there with the chiffon hangings, the candles and the weighted gold beads from ceiling to floor. It really is a pretty place and it's quiet enough that you can actually carry on a conversation. Tom was also with us and the four of us had a great time from hors d' oeuvres to creme brule. I had the duck breast and it was wonderful...crispy and not over cooked. Duck isn't something I want very often but it is good once in awhile.
Morgan and Jamie went to the beach today and spent some time at Ocean Annie's listening to the music and consuming adult beverages. I arrived home before they did and baked a butter rum cake and man oh man, does it ever smell gooood! They went to dinner at Capt. George's and then plan to go over to Celebrity Square and check out Crocodile Rocks and Blarney Stones. This is their first visit to Myrtle Beach and I hope they are having a good time. They are both such nice people and I love having them here. I think Morgan and I are going to work together tomorrow morning and Jamie will be joining him later and do some shopping at Broadway and the outlet stores.
We have only have one event this weekend and I actually have Sunday off so I plan to spend the day doing absolutely nuttin'.
I learned two things today. It is possible to receive a second degree burn while opening your car door and in a pinch a seat belt buckle can be used as a branding iron. Wow, who knew??