Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Whew..if looks could kill

I would be laying on the floor of Dr. Doti's office. Morty noticed the first sign of trouble when I put away the food and water dishes last evening as he wasn't to have anything to eat or drink 12 hrs before his surgery. Ginglebelle was a bit ticked but she took one for the team with minimal complaining. However, Ginglebelle did awaken me about 4 AM by knocking my perfume bottles off of the dresser and in my sleep numbed mind perfume bottles hitting the floor sound just like a burgler/rapist packing a fully loaded Colt 45. Clearing my dresser is Ginglebelle's subtle way of letting me know that she is out of food and or water. When I reminded her why the food and water bowls were not there she chuckled and went back to sleep. Early this morning I got out the pet carrier with the two baby blankets (because one would not be soft enough...duh) and zipped Mr. Morty in for the ride to the vets office for his "BIG DAY". When we arrived the two ladies who work the front desk took him out of his carrier, scratched his tummy (OK, they also laughed at his 2 inch legs) and told him he was just too precious for words and as far as Morty was concerned this was a pretty good trip. Then the voice of doom appeared in the form of Dr. Doti....Dr. Doti with the sharp knife. Dr. Doti with the sharp knife pointed toward Morty's "nether regions" I kissed the top of his little kitty head and very gently handed him over to Dr. Doti. I swear I heard Morty call me an ugly name as I departed the building.