Monday, August 6, 2007

No strikes, no balls....

BUT I got fouled! I met with Dr. Jordan today and I still don't have a plan. He decided the muscle receptor test was not necessary (oh DARN) but he did another range of motion series and is referring me to a surgeon. My MRI (in his words) is a train wreck but since I currently have no loss of motion or any pain, Dr. Jordan is not sure what the surgeon will recommend. I am HOPING that surgery will be postponed until the pain returns. Oh heck, let's be truthful....I would be THRILLED to avoid surgery all together. So basically I spent an hour in a paper dress (open down the back), standing in the hall, staring at x'rays and nodding my head while pretending I saw what Dr. Jordan saw. I suppose the next step will be one of those HELP I FELL DOWN AND CAN'T GET UP necklaces.