Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Paper, paper, paper..MY GOD the paper!

If I never open another piece of mail it will be just FINE! Since I can't lift or carry (my relatives are getting a little pissy and insisting on a Dr's note) I was put in charge of opening, sorting and mostly pitching the mail. I have opened more mail than Cliff Claven. I am sick of mail and I am especially sick of The Amazing Kreskin...what a crook! That man preys on old vulnerable people and Aunt June has sent this man thousands of dollars. Between Kreskin and Publishers Clearing House I'm surprised she had enough money left for electricity. We have filled trash bag after trash bag with canceled checks (starting in 1972), receipts, bills of sale and every other type of document you can imagine. So far we have found 24 (TWENTY FOUR) copies of Aunt June's living will. In case you don't have the complete picture yet...I AM DROWNING IN PAPER. I now know what happened to the rain forrest....Aunt June killed it.