Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New World Record?

I would have been better off to throw three dollars out the car window or maybe invest in magic beans then spend $2.99 (plus tax!) on a marine frog. As you already know I have a beta fish and a peace plant in a pretty glass jar on my kitchen counter. Well, truth be told Little Frisky (formerly known as The Fish) actually belongs to Morty and Ginglebelle since the fish bowl is also their drinking water of choice.'s not like I don't put fresh water out with their food everyday but apparently they prefer their drinking water with a side of beta. When my friend Morgan was here visiting he mentioned that I should get a marine frog to put in with Little Frisky. This afternoon I stopped by Pet Smart for more lobster, filet and truffles or whatever it is that makes cat food so darn expensive and I also checked out the marine frogs. Hmmm $2.99, OK I can afford a frog and they do look kinda cool. I brought one home and put the bag next to the fish bowl. Ginglebelle jumped up to take a look because, after all, I was messing with her preferred source of H2O. I poured most of the water out of the "frog bag" and eased the little fellar into the jar. He immediately sank to the bottom just like he was supposed to and then the trouble began. As I turned to get the plastic lid to cover the top of the bowl the frog jumped out onto the counter and the next thing I know a big black hairy paw came down and SMASHED the frog into oblivion. Sooo, not including the 10 minute ride home from Pet Smart I was the proud owner of a marine frog for approximately 15 seconds.


sammyosammy said...

Do you ever have a dull moment!!!!