Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stuff, stuff and more STUFF!

Right now, before you do ANYTHING else start cleaning out your STUFF! Sell it, pitch it or give it but get it out! Aunt June had a tiny three room apartment and it has taken five adults four 12 hour days to get it ALMOST empty. Her apartment didn't look bad, it was clean but every nook, cranny, under the bed, behind the china cabinet, under the couch, behind the couch and closets were packed to the absolute max. The entire time Lou and I were sorting through Aunt June's "stuff" we were thinking about what we were going to pitch when we arrive home. Aunt June kept every Blair catalog, Publishers Clearing House and mail order contest known to man for the past four years. Folks, that is a butt load of paper. We are down to the cowboy boots, pistol, Grandma Pratt's quilts and the costume jewelry. Lou, Karl, Bobby and I finally stopped about 8 this evening and walked down to a wonderful Italian restaurant less than a block from Aunt June's apartment. The food and atmosphere were wonderful. La Scala has an outdoor patio so we had dinner outside and believe it or not...could have used a sweater! The temperature was down to 64 degrees and it was delightful. We ate and talked for over two hours before we called it a night. Bob headed back to Catlin, IL so Lou, Karl and I will finish up (I hope!) tomorrow morning before they have to leave for Denver. Now, get off this computer and go throw away some STUFF! HEY....I said NOW! What are you waiting for??? Go! Go! Go!


Chris said...

Do you mean I have to throw out greeting cards that I have recived since high school?