Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fried Chicken and Time Shares...recipe for disaster

Morgan and Jamie have headed to Wilmington but before they left they put clean sheets on their bed, washed their towels and now after a quick run of the vacuum Casa Janny is ready for the next guests. I insisted they take the remainder of the butter rum cake with them but right about now I would walk barefoot over broken glass for a piece of that cake. Yep, I am a cake whore.
Tom, Morgan, Jamie and I went to Goldburg's Deli for bagels this morning. They have great bagels and I also love their chicken salad. After breakfast we said our goodbyes and I headed off to work. oh man. Tonight was a doozie. We had a very small (40p) family reunion scheduled and the organizer has been a bit of a fruitcake during the entire planning session. Well honey, wait until you hear what she did and I am surprised we didn't have a riot before it was over. The banquet was scheduled to begin at 7pm and around 4:30pm two very pleasant, nicely dressed gentlemen came to the banquet room to setup a power point presentation and told me they had been asked by the chairman of the reunion to do a short program for the group. Hmmm....OK, odd she hadn't mentioned it to me but sometimes these things happen. Well, come to find out these guys were there to give a time share sales presentation! The chairman of the reunion had set this presentation up so she would receive a free hotel room for the week. Here is where it gets really interesting. The powerpoint presentation began and one elderly gentleman stood up and said, "Now wait a damned minute..I didn't come all the way here from Michigan to hear no damn time share sales pitch." Then the rest of the family got involved and by the time it was all said and done several men (and a few women) backed the two salesmen against a wall. Well, the two salesmen decided it was time to go and they packed up their equipment, put their tails between their legs and headed for the exit. So while you are at your family reunion this summer listening to Uncle Herb talk about his hemorroids just remember it could be worse. At least you aren't listening to a time share presentation! Wow...just when I think I have the weirdest family in the whole world somebody always comes along and proves me wrong.