Wednesday, August 22, 2007

One Margarita With A Side Of Stoopid

I had dinner with five of my friends last night and next time we go out they plan to duct tape a big sign on my forehead that reads, "ABSOLUTELY UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES GIVE THIS WOMAN TEQUILA". Tequila makes me stupid. Talkative AND stupid....oh, and I also think everything that comes out of my mouth is either profound or hilarious and sometimes both so therefore I must say it LOUDLY. This is after one Margarita! Fortunately I am not a regular drinker and I think my friends would all agree this is a good thing. Alcohol has never been a big temptation for me (chocolate chip cookies, now that is another story) so 99% of the time we go out I don't have anything to drink. One sip of alcohol and I instantly have "Raggedy Ann" pink circles on my cheeks and I want to TALK and I want to TALK for a long time. Soooo, we voted last night and I am still a valued member of the "in group" but from now on I am the designated driver and that too is a good thing.


jenb said...

As a member of "the group" I must say that I shall miss your drunken antics, but I suppose it is for the best. Laying sprawled out on a diner bench isn't the best look for you. Luv ya.

Jan said...

OH...thank you so much Jen! OK, I was sprawled out on the bench but it was because I was scooping the contents of my purse off the floor not because I was in a drunken stupor and that's my story.