Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Traffic Court...BLEAHHHHH!

Hi! My name is Jan and I have a lead foot. I am practicing just in case there is a 12 step program for repeat speeding offenders.
Yep, sometimes I have a heavy foot but I really don't think I should have gotten a ticket for this last instance. I was stopped for going 57 in a 45 and I promise you I didn't say it BUT this is the first thing that popped into my mind. "Good grief officer...I've gone lots faster than THIS!" The first ticket I ever received was for going 95 (told you I have a heavy foot) in a 45. I was driving a Ford Escort and I really thought about sending that ticket to the Ford Corporate Office in Detroit. Figured they would have gladly paid the ticket in exchange for having official verification that a Ford Escort will actually go that fast....and yes, I did deserve that ticket and the hefty fine. Seems like I am a law abiding citizen just long enough for the previous ticket to drop off my record and then I will slip up and get stopped again. It also appears that some of my grandchildren have inherited my tendency to speed. Remind me to tell you about Katy bouncing her sister out of the golf cart and into the horse pasture. Katy's defense was a huge sigh and eye roll followed by, "Mom, I told her to hang on!"


Anny said...

How many speeding tickets have you had, Janice???? Hmmmmm. Tell the truth.

Jan said...

Those records have been sealed to protect the innocent. Ummmm, the not so innocent? :-)