Saturday, September 1, 2007

People Crackers

I planned to go back to Aunt June's on Tuesday when Anny was at work to finish the apartment but Anny insisted we go this morning. Oh OK, fine...took us less than an hour and it is DONE! Thank you Anny! Have to admit it feels pretty darn good to have that part over with. I still have to meet with the attorney, pay the bills and complete a mound of paperwork but the worst part is over.
I have to tell you what Karl and Lou did to me while we were cleaning out. They had been emptying the closet in the bedroom and I was packing china in the living room when the two of them came down the hall carrying a bag of People Crackers. For those of you who don't have a pet, People Crackers are dog treats. They found the bag sitting beside the bed...opened. Uhhh, Aunt June does not own a dog. OH MY GOD...Aunt June has been sending so much money to Kreskin and Marie Duvall she has been eating dog food! Why haven't I kept better track of her! What kind of person am I to let this happen! I am lower than low! Scum! So, I spent the next two hours stewing over how I have let Aunt June down and she had been reduced to eating dog food. The three of us had taken a load of trash down to the dumpster and stopped by the apartment office to fill Janet (complex manager) in on how we were progressing. I asked Janet if Aunt June had paid her rent on time, had she seen Aunt June bringing in groceries, had Aunt June lost weight and then I begin the story of the People Crackers. Behind me I hear Lou and Karl giggling and I'm thinking what is WRONG with these people! Well, the truth finally came out but only because they hadn't expected me to say something to anyone else. Lou and Karl had stopped at Pet Smart the night before on the way home from dinner, bought the bag of People Crackers and planted them beside Aunt June's bed for me to find. These are my relatives folks, explains a lot about me, doesn't it?