Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Catch-up Day

Anny made her wonderful carmel, nut pull apart rolls this morning and once she had Larry and I in a sugar induced stupor she lured us out to the garage to help empty the attic for her garage sale. I learned something while we were working in the attic. Aunt June THOUGHT she had people living in her attic but Anny actually had enough "stuff" in her attic to allow a family of 4 to live very comfortably for several years....but no more. The attic is now pristine. Larry and I are a wreck but that's another story.
Bev (another childhood friend) came by to visit this afternoon and we had the best time. Laughed, told old stories and shared pictures of children and grandchildren..all of whom are brilliant and extremely good looking. Wow! What are the chances of all three of us having such gifted offspring?!
Larry, Anny and I met Barb, Rich, Morgan and Jamie at the Beef House for dinner. That was my second time for the Beef House in less than a week...oh darn. They have the best homemade yeast rolls you have ever put in your mouth. OK, their steaks are amazing too but we went after those rolls like savages. Richard's brother, Rusty, also passed away this week so our dinner was rather subdued. We were all happy to see each other but it was not our usual party atmosphere. Guess two funerals in one week will do that to ya.