Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tastes Just Like Chicken

We had 270 for dinner last night so we were up to our elbows in age spots and bald heads. Most of our guests are very nice and a delight to be around but there are always a few who take great pleasure in being cantankerous. One gentleman was shuffling toward the banquet room with a big frown on his face and mumbled, "I sure as hell hope we aren't having chicken again." I put my hand on his shoulder and whispered, "We TELL you it's chicken but this aquarium is very expensive to maintain. Sooo, do you REALLY think we just throw the dead stuff out?" His wife said that was the first time he had laughed since they left home.
I am so mad at myself. I was doing so well and then screwed up my shoulder again...royally and for no reason! It's not like I was someplace where there wasn't anyone around to help me, geesh what an idiot. Dr. Jordan wants to see me again tomorrow morning and based on his findings we will come up with plan B.