Monday, September 17, 2007

September 17... or the day Morty was eaten by a Bi-Lo bag.

Everybody loves Morty. His legs are 2 inches long, he weighs 4.5 pounds, stands just under 6 inches tall but he is the same length as a regular cat. Picture a hairy miniature Dachshund. The Munchkin breed is known for their curiosity and playfulness and Morty certainly fits that description. Poor Ginglebelle has to sleep with her tail tucked or risk having Morty sink his teeth into her twitching appendage. I can't make a move without Morty at my heels checking to see if I am going to do something fun. Fun for Morty can be anything from watching the water swirl in the toilet bowl to smacking Little Frisky on the head just to watch him bob up and down in his fish tank. Last week Morty learned how to unroll toilet paper and when I came home from work it looked like it had snowed in the bathroom. When I put away the groceries I usually save a few plastic bags and use them to line the bathroom trash cans. Well....I had a "bag stash" on the counter to take back for my bathroom and Morty found them when he jumped up to torment/drink out of Little Frisky's bowl. Morty batted the bags around for a few minutes, enjoying the noise they made and then all hell broke loose. Somehow he got his head stuck in one of the bag handles. Morty leaped off the counter with the bags attached to his head and flapping in the breeze. He then ran to my bedroom, made a U turn, came back through the living room and skidded down the tile floor hall. It was at this point that he saw himself and the bags in the mirrored door and...FREAKED. Next he roared into the guest room, ran under the dust ruffle, got behind the bed and somehow found his way into the under bed storage area. The grand finale was when he shot out of the storage area door at the foot of the bed sans his plastic bags. This whole episode lasted less than 30 seconds. Morty spent the rest of the evening sitting on my lap, very wide eyed and looking over his shoulder...just waiting for those bags to come out from under the bed and get him. I can't say this for a fact but I SWEAR I heard Ginglebelle laugh out loud.


sammyosammy said...

I just have to put a box of tissues near my computer so I'll be able to wipe away the tears of laughter when reading some of you blogs. I would have loved to see Morty and the plastic bags.

Eddie Carter said...

See Jinglebelle - just believe in karma!