Saturday, September 22, 2007

Party Time!

I'm not sure 6 people qualify for a "party" title but it always feels like a party when this group gets together. Our old friend Beverly came to the beach with her daughter Marley and grandson Thomas. Sharon and Allyson were out of town and couldn't join us but Mindy, Janie, Judy and I had a great time with Bev and Marley. OK, Thomas too but he is only 1 and not much of a conversationalist but what a darling little boy! Before the evening was over Thomas had sat on every lap and passed out kisses to everyone in the room especially Morty. Of course, as usual, I made way too much food. We had queso & chips, cold boiled shrimp, chicken with a oriental orange glaze, sausage rolls, sliced apples and carmel dip, cheese, two kinds of cake and eclairs. I also made some GREAT Margarita's. Some of us had more than others. Mindy had to leave early but the rest of us sat around laughing and catching up until Midnight which is LATE for us old people. The Margarita recipe is below and now I have to go clean out my closet as the doors are starting to buckle.

The BEST Margarita's in the Whole World!
1 - 12 oz frozen Limeade (undiluted)
1 - 12 oz Seven-Up
1 - 12 oz Corona Beer
12 oz of Tequila
Mix the above ingredients and place pitcher in the freezer to keep cold. Rub each glass rim with a sliced lime, dip rim in salt and serve over crushed ice. Don't make these in the blender unless you plan to paint the kitchen before you go to bed.
Dang...I didn't make much progress on the closet before it was time to go over to Alice's house for dinner. Kim drove this evening so we got to check out her new Mustang and even put the top down, pretty neat! Tom, John & Jen were also there and we had a wonderful dinner as well as a nice visit. John and Jen brought a pitcher of Margaritas and THIS TIME I stuck to water. If only I had been as wise last night.