Saturday, September 15, 2007

Babies, Babies and more Babies

When Victoria Ann was born, almost 14 years ago, Grandpa, Aunt Eddie and I were so excited. We TELL Tory she had blonde hair but truth be told she was bald. Tory had deep blue eyes, porcelain skin and she was beautiful. That's a good thing because she was a HORRIBLE baby. She cried when she was happy or sad...heck, if her eyes were open she was crying. We were all so excited to have a baby that even with Tory's less than perfect disposition we still argued over who got to babysit. The way Polly hung onto that child we used to wonder if the doctor had forgotten to cut the umbilical cord. We didn't get to babysit often but when we did, Eddie, Grandpa and I spoiled that baby rotten. Then little Miss Katelyn Allison came along and was a reverse negative of Tory. Katy had a whole head of black hair (stood up like duck fluff) big brown eyes and wonder of wonders...she didn't scream! Katy was one of those babies everyone loves to snuggle. So sweet and cuddly. By the time Katy entered the picture Tory had developed into a delightful toddler and all was well for the next two years. Then it happened...(cue the music from JAWS) Sarah Elizabeth. Sarah is now ten years old and the kindest, most compassionate and loving child in our family. However, when she was a toddler she was mean as a snake. Sarah bit, pinched, screamed, slapped and spit. None of us would have been surprised if her head spun around while she spewed green pea soup from every orifice just like Linda Blair in the Exorcist. After Sarah's arrival Polly & Tony decided to regroup and the "new baby every two years plan" was adjusted. Sarah was almost six when Matthew Curtis made his appearance. I think it took that many years for Polly and Tony to get their courage up and give this whole baby thing another try. Matthew was a very good baby but we don't know if that was just his nature or because he has three older sisters who adore him and have catered to his every wish for the past four years. Either way Matthew is definitely a keeper. Six years ago Avery Connell was born to Mike and Eddie. Avery has been an individual from day one. She has her own opinion about how things should be done (99% of the time she is right) and is not shy about sharing her opinions. Avery is one of the most beautiful children I have ever seen and is the mirror image of her mother. Eddie and Avery even lost the same front tooth at the same age. At age 18 months Eddie fell and hit her mouth on the coffee table and Avery fell face first on her step stool so their pictures are virtually impossible to tell apart. Eddie definitely has a "Mini-me". Cameron David is four years old and looks like a Botticelli angel. Beautiful, thick, curly blonde hair, dimples and so sweet. Cameron looks as much like Mike as Avery does Eddie. Avery was not convinced she REALLY needed a baby brother and there have been a few rough the time when Cameron was three months old and Avery fed him dirt. However, Cameron is taller and outweighs his older sister so the playing field has been somewhat leveled. Six is a nice even number and I'm pretty sure we are out of the baby business but with Polly & Tony you never really know.


Eddie Carter said...

That is affirmative from Charlotte and you do have the 6 most beautiful grandchildren ever!