Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Ever wonder why almost all social events revolve around food? I'm not complaining (most of the time) but I have reached my limit. Wow..who knew? I met two friends (Harvey & Sammy) for lunch in Crawfordsville and had a lovely time in addition to a much larger lunch than I am accustomed to eating AND THEN Anny and I drove back to Crawfordsville to meet friends (Barb, Bev & Sharon) for dinner. If I don't get home soon the next time you see me I will be on The Jerry Springer Show, pigtails down to my waist and wearing bib overalls while eight hefty firemen carry me out of the house on a door. Richard Simmons (wearing his little tank top and short shorts) will be trotting along beside me shouting, "Jan, you are not alone and TOGETHER we can get you back under 500 pounds !"