Sunday, September 30, 2007

Whine? Me? Naaaaaa!

Who says whiners get ignored? For anyone who read my entry for September 18th you know that I had the most pitiful birthday non celebration in history. Come on folks...when emptying the cat box is the HIGH point of your birthday that is one sad party. Sid's birthday was the 25th and Debi told all of us not to say a word so he would think we had all forgotten but she was having a surprise party for him on Saturday night. WELL...then she told Sid she was having a surprise party for me on Saturday night but again, never said a word to him about his birthday. Bottom line is Sid thought the party was for me and I thought it was for him. HEY...I just realized Debi had me make baked beans for my own party! It was a wonderful night. First cool evening of the season, sitting on the deck with my favorite people, good food and good drinks. Yep, 57 is starting to look pretty darn good after all.


Steven said...

those were the best baked beans EVER.

sammyosammy said...

All I can say is HAPPY BIRTHDAY again.You deserve a good time.

Oliver said...

I wasn't there, so ALL of your favorite people were NOT