Monday, October 1, 2007

Janie Brychik is an evil woman.

What kind of friend would give someone a whole pound of Godiva chocolates??? A really GOOD friend! Ooooh Janie, you know I LOVE chocolate and Godiva is the creme of the creme of chocolate. I am trying to just eat one a day but that's not working out so well unless we are now living in bizarro world and there are only two hours in each day. least I'm not like another friend of mine (Jenn) who confiscated all the left over cheesecake and disapeared for 20 minutes. I don't want to falsely accuse anybody (Jenn who is married to Steven) of anything so all I have to say is SOMEBODY (Jenn who is married to Steven and lives in Surfside) had cheesecake breath the rest of the evening and you KNOW who you are!


jennsmp said...

You are lucky I didn't get my hands on that box of chocolate.
The cake was delicious.

sammyosammy said...

At least you know what Godiva chocolate is.I don't. My favorite has been Dove and Syhphony. I will learn more of this LADY GODIVA Candy. Does that mean you have to wear your birthday suit to eat it LOL