Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Showgirls, Strippers and Slot Machines

Hmmm, that title is a bit misleading. We haven't seen any showgirls or strippers (that I know of) but the slot machines...hummada hummada hummada. Polly has been in class all day and I got lonely soooo, I went downstairs and met Mr. Slot Machine. Mr. Slot Machine liked me today and turned my $20.00 into $125.00! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that amount would hardly excite Bill Gates but it was the first time I won that much on a slot machine so I was pretty pleased. We won't talk about the lady next to me who won $800.00 with one pull...I hate her. Polly and I met for lunch and when she went back to class I walked the grounds around the hotel. Beautiful! Ponds, bridges, palm trees, flamingos (Matthew calls them "mingos"), koi, turtles and all kinds of birds. There are 5 pools and the one on the upper level had a sign that says age 21 and over. I live in the South and anytime you see 21 and over it is because of alcohol. So I am walking up the steps thinking how odd it is to have an area set aside for people to drink. You would think it would be legal to have a beer or a drink around the pool in Las Vegas. WELL...honey, the over 21 had nothing to do with alcohol. There were nekid people up there! I left so fast I didn't have time to see if they were drinking too. When Polly finished class we took a cab over to The Hilton for dinner and to see MENOPAUSE THE MUSICAL. We had dinner at Benihana and thoroughly enjoyed the food and atmosphere. Fortunately Benihana didn't have grilled cheese or chicken fingers on the menu so Pol had to actually eat grown up food. After dinner we found seats (front row center) at the theater and Pol was sitting there with her head in her hands. I asked her if she was OK and she said, "Hmm, here I am in Las Vegas with no husband and no children for the first time in over 14 years and what am I doing? Spending the evening watching MENOPAUSE THE MUSICAL with my Mother." My feelings weren't too hurt. If you have the opportunity to see this show by all means go! We laughed until we cried and had a wonderful evening. I think Polly decided spending the evening with her Mom was not so bad after all.


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