Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's VEGAS time baby!

Polly has a conference in Las Vegas Wednesday and Thursday so I said to heck with work and flew out today so we could spend a few days together without children or husbands. The plan was for Eddie and I both to go but unfortunately she couldn't make the trip this time. It has been years since Polly, Eddie and I have been able to spend any "just us time" and I really wish Eddie could be here too. Polly and I managed to arrive about an hour apart so we met at baggage claim and shared a cab to The Flamingo which is also where her conference starts tomorrow. Beautiful hotel, lots of marble, sparkley's and glitter which seems to be the standard in Las Vegas. I think the city motto is "more is not nearly enough". With a name like The Flamingo you expect to see lots of pink and they certainly didn't disappoint! The hotel corridors are longer than two football fields and for some sick reason they chose striped carpeting. The stripes are varying widths of pink, hot pink, chocolate brown and tan. I can't imagine trying to get back to your room after a few drinks. We have a beautiful room with one wall that is floor to ceiling glass that overlooks Caesar's Palace and the dancing water fountains at Bellagio's. The bathroom...wow. Two of the walls are floor to ceiling frosted glass (thank heavens!) and the door is a full length frosted glass sliding door that opens and closes with a touch of your finger. The downside is the two remaining walls are painted the pinkest hot pink I've ever seen in my life. When I look in the mirror it looks like I have a temperature of 104. The absolute coolest feature is the flat screen TV mounted behind the bathroom mirror. Nothin' better than brushing your teeth while looking eye to eye with Matt Lauer. The drapes and sheers are operated by switch so of course we spent a good amount of time opening and closing the sheers...just because we could. We had all this fun before we ever stepped out of our room! We were both hungry so we went downstairs and found a great little restaurant. I ordered a wonderful Asian chicken salad and Polly (I asked her if she was 6 yrs old) had the grilled cheese sandwich. WOW...living on the edge there aren't we Miss Pol?? She didn't ask for applesauce or chicken fingers but I figure that will be next. After dinner we wandered out to the casino and we both managed to win a little $$$. Wonder why that always happens on the first day? This is so sad, we were back in our room by 8 PM and Pol was asleep by 8:20 PM. OK, the conversation was a bit one sided this evening but it sure is nice having her here with me. The only thing that would make it better would be if Eddie could be here too.