Sunday, October 14, 2007


We had the oddest group of people for dinner the other night and I do mean ODD. They were all health care professionals from the corporate office so these are the people who decide if you REALLY need a new liver. Let me say one thing, if these folks are the "gate keepers" standing between us and's over, hang it up, adios, hasta la vista baby and happy trails to you! They were scheduled to begin at 6pm so I was in the lobby at 5:45pm as it is not unusual for a group to arrive early. They didn't get here and they didn't get here and I'm shifting from one foot to the other. Finally at 6:30 ( just to ease the boredom) I walked outside and guess who I see standing just out of view of the front lobby. Soooo, I walked over to the group, introduced myself and invited them to come inside. On the way to the banquet area I mentioned that I was sorry they had arrived late but please relax and enjoy the rest of the evening. The leader gave me a funny look and said, "We have been here since five minutes of six." Hmmm, OK. "Yes, we got here early but didn't know where we were supposed to go so we just stood outside." Oh my goodness yes, I have a real group of genius's on my hands. Soooo, we get to the banquet room and the steel drummers are playing away, the bar is open and all the food is out. They don't go to the bar, they don't get any food, they sit down in their chairs and clutch their vinyl handbags to their chests like I'm getting ready to snatch them out of their little hands. I think maybe the leader is going to welcome everyone before they begin their evening and I step into the kitchen. A few minutes later I come back out and they are sitting just like they were when I left! Nobody is saying anything and the only sound is from the steel drums. Hmmm, so I went to the front of the room and said, "Ladies and gentlemen...the bar is open and your food is ready please help yourselves and enjoy your evening." My hand to God....they stood in unison (still holding their handbags) and they hit those food tables like a seven year locust invasion. I left shortly after that but Tim (steel drum) called me at home to tell me that they never once acknowledged his presence, never had a drink (the bar was open) and they left the banquet area less than 45 minutes after they arrived. Like I said...ODD ODD ODD.


sammyosammy said...

They were not my in-laws that is for sure. One year at annual Christmas get-together Harvey and I stopped on an errand on the way so we were a little late. When we arrived they were all sitting around and were eating and said " we were worried you were in an accident or something" I thought to myself."I am glad you went ahead and ate so you wouldn'e be hungry when you identified our bodies!""