Friday, October 19, 2007

Five loaves and two fishes.

Remember the Bible story about Jesus feeding the masses with five loaves of bread and two fishes? Boy howdy, it wasn't bread and fish but this evening we somehow managed to stretch dinner for 30 to dinner for 38. OK, it wasn't exactly "we". It was Chef Steve working like a madman while I walked around with a smile pasted on my face pretending everything is "just fine". The group arrived right on time and as we are walking down the ramp I am thinking, hmmm...that sure looks like more than 30 people. Sooo, I started trying to subtly count heads. When I got to 38 I said a bad word and wondered what the chances were that I could talk 8 of them into joining me for a burger at Sonic.While the waitstaff were setting another table and adding chairs I was girding my loins to let the Chef know we have 8 more people which meant he had to quickly prepare 8 more salads, saute a bunch more shrimp and best of all make 8 steaks magically appear. Chefs are known for their short tempers and sharp knives so I was not exactly looking forward to this conversation. The salads hit the table within minutes and food was flying around the kitchen while he was rushing to finish before the buffet line started. Well honey, apparently our Chef had read the same Bible story that I had read because he fed the masses and fed them well. Whew, thank you Jesus and Chef Steve.