Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Good golly Miss Molly!

Contrary to the evidence I am a logical thinker and normally have no problem getting from point A to point B so my tolerance level for people who can't make a decision, ummm....not so much. I am working with the most indecisive bride in the history of the world and her wedding isn't until June of 09. By that time it will be easy to pick me out at the wedding reception as I will be the withered old crone over in the corner laughing hysterically and saying, "THANK YOU JESUS...it is OVER!" Actually it is probably a good thing the wedding isn't until 2009 as it will take her that long to decide if she wants white or ecru linens. We spent 15 minutes on the phone today while she was trying to decide if she wants crab or sausage stuffed mushrooms. Good grief lady, it's a flippin' MUSHROOM...just choose one! I would rather sandpaper a bobcats butt in a phone booth than deal with this woman for another year.