Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Ginglebelle has apparently decided enough is enough and is taking a firm hand (paw?) with Mr. Morty. He torments her from morning to night and I really don't think he is trying to be mean but he is still a kitten and wants to play. In kitty years Ginglebelle and I are about the same age and it takes more than a little catnip to get us to chase a ball. Every time Ginglebelle tries to take a nap (23 out of 24 hrs) Morty is either biting her tail, putting his paw in her ears or sitting on her while trying to get her attention. The sliding door in my bedroom has a glass panel insert with a pet door which allows them on the screened porch. Gingles was minding her own business out on the screened porch and idiot child (Morty) spied her through the glass so of course he had to be on the porch too. Gingles waited until Morty was engrossed in watching a squirrel and then she flew through the pet door to get back inside and away from the demon kitty. Once inside she sat right next to the pet door which prevented Morty from following. If kitties had fists I would say Morty was pounding on the door and Gingles totally ignored him. She continued blocking the door with her back while she washed her paws and ears and gave me a, " there a problem look?" Then she then laid down (still blocking the door) and took her nap in peace. I'm pretty sure I heard her laugh.