Monday, October 15, 2007

Who's passive agressive? ME? Naaaa!

You all already know I am a pig killer and this next story is hardly a shining example of my maturity level during my first marriage. I'm sure a lot of you are saying good grief didn't the man suffer enough when he was married to her? Is she really going to share another story that will make his head explode? Of course I am and I guess I just have to hope that he doesn't come across this site or I will be forced to go into the witness protection program. When we were living on the farm we had an enclosed back porch that was a great place to leave your "barn boots" especially during the winter and as you can imagine it could get a tad bit fragrant out there. He made the mistake of suggesting it might be a good idea if I cleaned his boots because the back porch was starting to smell. Oh..really? When he made that statement I was standing knee deep in laundry with a 6 month old screaming baby on my hip who hadn't slept the night before and a 2 yr old at the breakfast table who was turning his oatmeal into an art project. Clean his boots? You betcha baby cakes, happy to do it for ya. Sooo, later that afternoon I hosed the worst of the manure yuk off outside and then brought the boots inside to finish the job. I got out a toothbrush, liquid dish detergent and scrubbed away. By the time the boots had a final rinse they looked better than new. So there was nothing left for me to do except rinse his toothbrush off and put it back in the medicine cabinet. Done!


Anny said...

Wonder why that marriage didn't last??? Hmmmmm?????

Eddie Carter said...

I was thinking the same thing! Wow, Mike really is the lucky one!