Thursday, October 18, 2007

I thought October is supposed to be cool.

Yeah well, AGAIN I am wrong....and hot. Don't misunderstand, I really do love warm weather but something is just not right when it hits 90 degrees (and we won't even discuss the humidity) in October. We should be wearing sweaters and knee socks and dickeys. Hmmm, does anybody wear dickeys anymore? Guess somebody is because Debi and I saw a whole rack of them in every color at Goody's the other day....right next to the lava lamps. OK, I made the lava lamp thing up but there was a huge rack of dickeys just sitting there waiting for us to come by and make fun of them. Just the thought of a turtleneck makes my head sweat. I had on my sunglasses when I walked out the front door this morning and the hot wet air instantly fogged my glasses and made me look just like Mr. Magoo.