Sunday, October 21, 2007

German John!

Janie emailed me on Thursday suggesting a group of us go to our local German restaurant Friday or Saturday to celebrate Ocktober Fest with German John and his Magic Accordion and I said yes, great idea, sounds wonderful, count me in! Simple right? Ha ha...guess again. Well, 75 reply all emails later Janie finally has 8 people who can go on Saturday night. Janie must have REALLY wanted to go out because she also volunteered to call for the reservation. A very nice lady answers the phone and Janie says, "I would like to reserve a table of 8 for Saturday night and we would like a table close to German John. We come to your restaurant all the time and always look forward to seeing German John." The nice lady let Janie blather away while she took the reservation and then said in a heavy German accent, "German John has not been here for three years. We have new group. You will enjoy. Goodbye." Guess Tom and Janie don't go there quite as often as Janie seemed to remember. The nice German lady was right...the new group gave us tambourines and we did have fun! Something that I had always suspected was proven to be true. I have absolutely no sense of rhythm. None. Zero. Zip. Nada. If everybody was shaking their tambourine then mine was silent. If mine was jingling then everyone else had theirs in their lap. Personally, I think I did a great job and I expect to be hearing from John Mellencamp any day now asking me to join the band. OK, maybe not Mellencamp but I am DEFINITELY Weird Al Yankovik material.