Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Dang! I can cut hair!

I have needed a haircut for several days and last night I finally stopped by our area chop shop. You know a chop shop...one of those $10 places where the people who cut your hair just started beauty school that morning. I have a ton of hair so it is not easy to give me a bad haircut... not that it has never been done but you do have to work at it pretty hard. So anyway, I stop by the local chop shop and get in line with all the kids getting ready for their school photos and the local criminals who have an upcoming court appearance. The girl who cut my hair did a pretty good job but on the way home I decide she did not thin the top and sides nearly enough and there is no way I am turning around and fighting the traffic. Then I remembered that I have a "tool" I use on Ginglebelle to thin her undercoat so she doesn't shed so much, hmmmm. Well, when I got home I stood in front of the bathroom mirror and brushed my hair really really good. I took a deep breath and gingerly started slashing on the top of my head. Wow! Honey, that puppy can cut some hair! Then I stopped, brushed again and surveyed my work. Not bad, not bad at all. The sides were next on my list and I started whacking away on my left side. Hey...much better! Since I am right handed and my left hand is partially numb it did take me several tries to get the right side done and then I had to deal with trying to get both sides even. As long as I tilt my head to the left and slightly back...it looks GREAT!


Eddie Carter said...

At least it doesn't look like the Little Dutch Boy haircut you got in Texas

Jan said...

Ha! Eddie you are so right and if I remember correctly not only did Sundance bark at me but the whole family burst out laughing when I walked in the door. Boy howdy, that had to be the worst haircut in history.