Tuesday, October 30, 2007

OH MY GOODNESS...will this day ever end?

This has been a tough week and it's not even Wednesday yet. Lots going on at work, trying to finish the holiday party bookings, finalizing menus, reserving bands, DJ's, dance floors and stages. I REALLY need to buy a lottery ticket this week. There is a wedding rehearsal, wedding and a cooking class this weekend plus an afternoon tea thrown in here and there, just for fun. We had a walk through for the committee planning their company holiday party for 800 people this morning. Super nice group of folks and they offered several good suggestions. Then this evening the owner of our company was in town on business and his group joined us for a wonderful dinner and a guided tour. Chef Steve had jumbo cold boiled shrimp, steamed oysters, baked brie and all kinds of goodies...the man is amazing. Those shrimp were almost large enough to saddle up and ride. We always treat our guests well and make every effort for each event to be as close to perfect as possible but there is always more pressure when you have a VIP in house. I am glad today is over and I just can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!