Thursday, October 11, 2007

I am a push over.

Several of my friends have made a point of telling me that I need to try clipping Morty's nails one more time before I have them yanked out. Yes, I know declawing is a barbaric procedure but I am willing to spend the extra $100 for the laser surgery which is supposed to be much kinder. I called the vet this morning and made the appointment but decided to try one last time to clip his nails. Ginglebelle saw me get the clippers and said, "YES!" Ginglebelle was declawed when she came to me and Morty is turning her into his personal pin cushion. According to the the Breakfast Club I am letting Morty have his way and I need to show him who's boss. I guess that is the problem, Morty and I both know he's the boss. So, while I am looking for the Mort Man (clippers hidden in pocket) I am thinking what a giant waste of energy this is going to be and why didn't I remember to buy more Bandaids. I find Morty on the screened porch napping in the sun and ONE MORE TIME...I wrapped him up in a beach towel with his head and one foot out. I pinned him tight and the little rascal not only let me clip his nails but stayed on my lap after I unwrapped the towel. I HATE it when men are right.


Eddie Carter said...

Don't isn't that often!