Monday, September 10, 2007


The reason I have not seen Brumer with a dead quail, a picture of a dead quail or a dead quail feather is because he's not hunting quail. He is hunting ruffled grouse! OK...I have not seen a dead ruffled (or unruffled) grouse, picture of a dead ruffled (or unruffled) grouse or a ruffled (or unruffled) grouse feather. So I guess my point is whether it be quail or ruffled grouse....there is definitely a whole lotta tree shootin' going on in Michigan during the month of October. Thank you Harry for this clarification and I'm SURE Tom will be so pleased to know that when he is being discussed I take great pride in being accurate. Pssssst....Harry, if you need anything to tease Tom about during THE GREAT TREE SHOOTING TESTOSTERONE AND POUNDING OF THE CHEST FESTIVAL, just give me a call. I'm sure all of his friends here at work can come up with a wealth of material.

OH BOY....I am so dead.