Thursday, September 20, 2007

I am SO HOT!

Unfortunately I don't mean a Paris Hilton type of hot. Summer has dug in her heels and is refusing to leave SC. The temperatures and humidity have been in the 90's so I am spritzing to high heaven. I really don't mind high temperatures too much but this humidity just zaps every fragment of my well documented low energy level.
TommyB and I drew the short straw and won the privilege of manning our booth at a Chamber of Commerce function last night. Our portion ended at 9 so when 9 finally rolled around we were packed up and on the way home by 9:03. Whew, my feet were tired and my face hurt from smiling. We were both glad to get out of there.
Must be time to go to bed as Morty and Ginglebelle are looking at their watches and tapping their feet. Nitey nite all.