Wednesday, September 19, 2007

911!! Fashion Police Emergency!!

With my job I have the pleasure of meeting lots of interesting people from different walks of life. I met a lady this afternoon who was wearing leopard print capri's, a flowered shirt and stiletto patent leather heels. Her hair was teased clear to Jesus plus the color was unlike anything I've ever seen on a human being. I am willing to bet you any amount of money it glows in the dark. Sort of a cross between Bozo The Clown orange, Lucille Ball red and a touch of Papa Smurf blue thrown in there just for fun. It was THIS close to being purple. Fingernails, oh my goodness..the fingernails. They were so long they curled over the ends of her fingers like talons. I passed her a pen and her fingernails clicked like castanets. OH OH OH...I just realized who she looks like! Do you remember the Sonny & Cher show? Remember when Cher played the lady who worked in the laundromat, Laverne? I think I met Laverne today!


Eddie Carter said...

I always wonder if these people have mirrors in their homes