Sunday, September 16, 2007

We've come a long

In today's world you need an engineering degree from MIT to properly install a child's safety seat. THEN you have to figure out how to remove the child from the clutches of the straps and clips while trying not to smack them with (I'm very sorry Cameron, it was an accident and the scar barely shows) the SAFETY bar. When my children were small they had car seats but there was nothing safe about them. Yesteryear's car seats were not designed to keep anyone safe (the toy metal steering wheel covered in lead paint was the first clue) but rather to keep the child entertained. In addition to the lead paint steering wheel there was always at least one toy on a spring that was guaranteed to pinch a finger. Well, my kids were not taken in by this poor attempt at entertainment and much preferred a lap, standing behind the driver (so they could twirl my hair) or even hanging their head out the window with our dog, Tiger. I know kids are much safer in car seats and now I always wear my seat belt but I gotta tell ya...I miss the days of being invincible.