Monday, September 3, 2007

Road Trip

Boy howdy, do Anny and I know how to have fun or WHAT??! We hit the road at 9:30 this morning and visited three (THREE!) cemeteries. On one gravel road we were so far back in the woods I swear they had to pipe in sunshine. We did find everyplace we were looking for AND found our way back home so it was a good day. We spent an hour or so in Kingman and drove by our old least the ones that are still there. We hardly know anyone who lives there anymore and it doesn't seem very long ago when we could tell you who lived in every house and their dogs name. We did stop at the Oasis and enjoyed a cold drink and twist cone. It wasn't hot fudge sundae's at Cliff & Cleo's drug store but it hit the spot. Anny's mom and dad's place is still there but my grandparents house has been torn down. I would love to have one of the snowball bushes that grandma and I planted when I was 6 years old but it seemed a bit rude to knock on someones front door with a shovel in my hand. OK....the rude part didn't bother us but the lack of a shovel was an issue. Maybe next time.


Eddie Carter said...

sounds like you guys are having a great time.