Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I am an old man magnet.

Ah yes....that intoxicating potpourri of denture cream, Ben Gay and Aqua Velva...must be Fall motor coach season! We had our first large motor coach group this evening and everything went very well...ya just never know. Some people come in with the attitude of "you can't MAKE me have a good time" and other folks are just happy to be out and about. This happened to be a very pleasant group and easy to work with which probably means the next group will be total butts. Speaking of is tonights funny story. I truly am an old man magnet. If there is an old man within 20 miles he will track me down. The bus driver (approximately 107 yrs old) and I were leading the group down the ramp to the banquet room. I didn't think anything about him holding my hand as we were walking because after all....I know that I am an old man magnet. However, I was NOT expecting him to pinch me on my ample behind as we turned the corner by the Anthia tank. I jumped about 3 feet into the air and turned 75 shades of red. Well, of course he thought that was just the funniest thing ever and I'm sure the other 80 people following us were equally amused. In about 5 years I will probably find this funny. Right now.....not so much.


Eddie Carter said...

Do I have to call him "Daddy"

sammyosammy said...

As for Eddie, I wonder if she wonders what will follow you home ?? Your blogs can lift me up out of the depest depression. They are the light of my darkest day.