Sunday, January 13, 2008

Souvenir Glasses and Chris's Dobbers

Anyone who has ever been on a cruise is very familiar with the souvenir glass. The cocktail waiters and waitresses prowl the pool and sun deck constantly taking drink orders and trying to upsell to the souvenir glass which of course costs more. The first day the glass just appears and you think, "Oh OK, I really really need a neon pink glass on my desk for pens and pencils." By the time the 4th glass appears you start to get a little testy. AGAIN...I DO NOT WANT THE SOUVENIR GLASS, JUST PUT MY DAIQUIRI IN A REGULAR GLASS THANK YOU VERY MUCH. This afternoon Doug had enough of the uninvited and unwanted souvenir glasses and told our waiter that if he brought another one it would be pitched over the side of the ship with the waiter still attached. Hmmm, I think that was the last of the souvenir glasses for Doug! However, the rest of us were not so lucky. Think ebay would be interested in a set of 12 neon colored souvenir glasses? back to Chris's Dobbers. Last night we were all on the deck enjoying the band, having a few drinks and Chris & Megan got in the hot tub. Chris performed a short water ballet routine and was working on her encore when suddenly her dobbers fell clear out of her swim suit. We all thought about telling her but....naaaaaaa it was more fun to sit back and laugh. Even made Yellow Speedo Man's eyebrows stand at attention.