Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Are women ever satisfied?

I have a very comfortable place to live, nice furniture, everything I need and most of what I want but every once in awhile I just have to change it up. The bedroom furniture has never been my favorite and I had planned to replace the headboard since I bought the set 7 years ago. Well, I did that this week. HEY...I never said I was in a big hurry to replace it, I just said that I was going to find a different one. The new headboard was a real "steal" and I do mean steal. That's a long story that could involve my incarceration so we will just skip right over that one and move on to the dining room table. I have always wanted a round glass top dining table that seats 8. My current table is a glass rectangle that seats 6 comfortably and 8 if you don't mind asking the person next to you to cut up your meat because it's so crowded that your arms are pinned to your side. I was looking online at dining room tables and OH MY GOSH I found my dining room table in the round version on CLEARANCE! The glass top it comes with is not big enough for 8 but I can sell that one and replace it with one that is larger. Since it's the same table my chairs even match! Soooo....I ordered the table and last night I measured to see what size glass top I need. GULP...all the online sites reccomended a 60 inch diameter top to seat eight. I measured with the tape measure and it wasn't looking good but just to make sure I borrowed yarn from Rosemary and laid it out on the floor.'s the deal. If I put a 60 inch round table in the dining room I will have to crawl under it to get to the kitchen. Well, that's not good. Here's the other thing...have you ever priced a 60 inch piece of glass?? HOLY MOLY, the glass cost FOUR times more than the new table and it is so heavy I have visions of me and 7 friends ending up in my downstairs neighbors dining room. OK, I do a little more checking and I discover that a 54 inch square will also work for 8. The 6 additional inches makes enough difference that I can siddle past the table rather than crawl underneath. When I am laying out the yarn it also dawns on me that my dining room rug is a rectangle. Arrrrrrg.....FINE. I have now ordered a square rug to go with my square table that I have to siddle by to get to the kitchen. My round dining room table that was on clearance for less than $200 is now square and has cost me right at $1,000.Next time I want to change things up all you have to do is say, "Remember the ROUND dining room table???"