Tuesday, January 1, 2008

OK, I'm scared.

My Grandma always told me to be careful what you do January 1st because that sets the tone for remainder of the year. We had 200 people for dinner this evening and I swear they were way over their limit for grouchy old people. Most of them were sweet as they could be but boy oh boy the grouchy ones were a tad over the top. One lady yelled at me because she is diabetic and couldn't eat the dessert. "I am so sorry Mam, did you tell your tour planner you are diabetic?" "OH..you didn't?" I found her an apple and a banana and WANTED to say.."Lady, I'm not exactly sure how you expect us to know you are diabetic if you don't tell us but I ain't Miss Cleo and cannot read your mind." I still haven't lost my touch with the geriatric set and managed to maintain my title as the OFFICIAL OLD MAN MAGNET OF MYRTLE BEACH. If there is a man age 80 or above, with polyester pants hiked up to his arm pits, one tuft of white hair sticking straight up, upper OR lower (but never both) dentures and nose hair so thick that it could be braided....STAND BACK! He's mine, all mine. I don't know how they search me out but they do every single time. After work this evening John & Jenn, Tom & Janie, TommyB, Rosemary and I had a wonderful dinner at Umi Pacific. Hopefully our night out is the event that will set the tone for the new year as I cannot think of a better way to begin 2008!