Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Life Of Lolly

Wow, just when you think your life is the pits let me tell you about Lolly. First of all Lolly's real name has been changed because she is a relative and I want to protect her privacy. Lolly and family live in, ummmm.....Idaho. Yep, that's it...they live in Idaho. Lolly has four children, a husband named Coney, two dogs (Duke and Lojack) and a cat (Lester) who has multiple personalties. The childrens names are Glory, Tate, Clara and Bartholomew. A husband, four active children and three pets are enough to keep anyone busy but Lolly and Coney have their own business and for the past three years Lolly has been in charge of the office in Idaho. For quite some time now one of their employees in another state has had issues with the truth and work ethics. Lolly had enough and told the lazy non-truth teller that he would be much happier working someplace else. WELL...the next thing Coney knows Lolly has his behind on a plane and he's on his way to take over the job site where the lazy non-truth teller had just exited. Coney is less than thrilled and Lolly isn't real happy either because Glory has a basketball game (Lolly is also the basketball coach), Tate has a pottery class, Clara is sick and Bartholomew is....well, four and very busy. After several favors being called in Lolly, Glory and Bartholomew are at the basketball game, Tate is at her pottery class and Clara is on the couch at a friends house. The game finally ends, Lolly gathers all the children and they head for home which is a 30 minute drive from school. Lolly ALMOST gets dinner on the table when the phone rings and it's the security company saying the fire alarm is going off at the office and the fire department has been dispatched. Lolly said a very bad word, put Glory in charge of finishing dinner and headed back to the office. Of course she calls Coney on her way and Coney's main concern is that Lolly tells the firemen to please try to save his hunting mounts, his newly restored Chevelle from the 70's and....oh yeah, the safe. Lolly came sliding into the office parking lot and hmmm, no smoke or flames. WONDERFUL! However, there are lots of firemen inside the building so Lolly opens the office door but before she can step inside, a wall of water washes over the threshhold and into her shoes. OH....that's not good. Sometime during the afternoon a water pipe burst and filled a 3,000 square foot office with 4 inches of water which set off the fire alarm. Stay tuned for further updates on the Life of Lolly.