Friday, January 25, 2008

Fair is Fair

Now it's Eddie's turn. Eddie was an excellent student and never caused any problems at school except when it came to talking...oh my gosh, she talked to everybody all the time. I don't think she ever brought one report card home that didn't say "Talks Too Much". It was always tempting to write DUH next to that statement before I signed the card and sent it back to the teacher. I was the Assistant Registrar at their high school so I had the privilege of seeing their friends and teachers everyday. During Eddie's Freshman year her English teacher's husband was transferred at midterm and the school corporation hired a first time, right out of college, diploma not even framed yet replacement. The poor thing was clueless. Their classroom happened to be right down the hall from my office and Miss Cline was in there at least once a day, usually crying. About two weeks into the semester Eddie was talking to her friend when she should have been listening and Miss Cline, in an attempt to shut Eddie up, called on her to answer a question and read a passage in their book. When Eddie answered the question and then read the correct passage Miss Cline fell apart, picked up her purse and ran crying out of the classroom. She stopped in my office doorway and shouted, "They aren't supposed to be able answer the questions correctly if they never pay attention!" Miss Cline got into her car and never returned. Last we heard she was selling real estate in Arkansas.