Thursday, January 10, 2008

One more day. One more day. One more day.

That's what I keep telling myself! I have to get my desk cleaned off tomorrow and then it's time to pack and leave for our cruise. I plan to spend 7 days sitting in the sun reading or 7 days on the observation deck in a big comfy chair reading and watching it rain. Know what? I'm FINE either way. This is our second year for this group to travel together and we have so much fun. Nobody is quite right so we have a lot in common.
Myrtle Beach hosted the Republican debates this evening at The Palace Theatre. Ron Paul did a "walk about" with his supporters and the media at Broadway At The Beach this afternoon and for whatever reason BATB still has their Christmas decorations up. We aren't talking a candle in the window wreath on the door...we are talking forty foot trees and a butt load of larger than lifesize deer dressed in little outfits which I find a little Stephen Kingish. I was thinking good grief, we have known these folks are going to be here in January for how long now? A year? we take our decorations down after Christmas like normal people? Naaaaaa......look at it this way, we're already decorated for Christmas of 2008!