Thursday, January 17, 2008

Key West

Rum Runners, Sunset in Mallory Square, chickens everywhere AND Irish Kevin's! Hmmm, must be Key West. We docked shortly after 4pm and after a brief visit with Customs we were on our way to see the sites. We were hungry (we hadn't eaten in almost 2 hrs!) and stopped at a sidewalk cafe for drinks and sandwiches. We apparently ain't the brightest bunch of people on two feet. Brian and Chris ordered the same sandwich except Brian asked for extra spicy and Chris asked for mild. The sandwiches arrived but after one bite Chris's eyes were streaming tears and Brian was complaining his sandwich was hardly spicy at all. I'm too embarrassed to tell you how long it took to occur to us that hmmm, perhaps the sandwiches were switched? After passing the sandwiches to their rightful owners and a glass of milk for Chris we paid our bill and headed out to find the bar where Doug, Chris, TommyB and I had such a good time last year. You haven't lived until you see TommyB in a Viking Hat leading the crowd in football cheers. Oh yes, he was a vision to behold. It didn't take us long to find Irish Kevin's and before the evening was over Sid and Debi had joined us as well. The entertainer/singer was a hoot and decided to pick on our TommyB. Ole TommyB was sitting with his arms folded across his chest and out of the blue the entertainer said, "Will ya look at that guy in the blue shirt? He's twisting his own nipples!" So now TommyB is known as THE DOUBLE BREASTED NIPPLE TWISTER. We had a great time and were not ready for the evening to end. The big excitement for the day was watching the stragglers running as fast as they could run to get back to the ship before they were left behind. OH DARN....left behind in Key West! Bummer! You can check out the action at Irish Kevin's on their web cams at .